Memories of Mordor - Installation

This page describes how to download and install Mordor.
Java 1.4.2 is required to play Mordor. This comes along with MAC OS X Panther. For other OS'es, please download Java from

The download page is Download Mordor.
Single File Level 2:
Download Level 2 all-in-one.
You may unzip this in a new folder, AND unzip the images file inside it also. There will then be an images and sounds subfolder.
See the section on Running below.

Separate files:
Download the file mordor-all.jar and place it in a new folder.
Download the latest images zip file from here and unzip it in the same folder. You should get two subfolders named "sounds" and "images". (For level 2, the image zip file images20050114.tgz should do.)
Download the file and place in same folder. Check that it has executable permissions ( you can type chmod +x in Terminal or shell). Windows users could rename this to runjar.bat.

If you have placed mordor-all.jar and and unzipped the images tgz file in one folder then you are set to play.

Run the program "" by typing "./" in Terminal or your Unix prompt.

If the program loads with a white screen, that means that the images folder has not been created.

How To Play Mordor

Mordor was written by Rahul Kumar
using Java 1.4.2, the timeless vim 6.2 editor and a MAC Powerbook running MAC OS X Panther, compiling with ant 1.6.1 and jikes 1.18