Memories of Mordor - How To Play

This page describes how to play Mordor. (For installation help, see Installing Mordor)

Level 1

Use the arrow keys to move, and the space bar to fire.
You have to go through the door to win this level. But the door opens based on a (simple) condition which you have to discover.

Some hints:

  1. Each apple gives you a life and increases your speed.
  2. Each gun can fire only once, so be careful - you have 3 guns and there are four monsters.
  3. The 2 kinds of monsters have different behaviour, notice it and use it to your advantage - they aren't very clever.

Level 2

You discover new powers and new adversaries. You have to search through dungeons and mountains to find how to open the winning door, and then how to reach it. The monsters get more intelligent and display group behavior.

Level 3

The map is now larger than your viewport. You have to make a mental image of the entire castle. You have to explore the castle to find a way to the door to the next level. There is less of killing with each level, more of finding ways to reach required points in the required time or satisfying some condition, or ways to beating obstacles.

The creatures in this game represent the greed, anger, ignorance and violence in us. Each time you destroy them, you destroy your inner negative energies and purify yourself. Thus, this should not be seen as a violent exercise :-)

Some of you will discover ways of winning the crown in Level 1 without any killing. Accept these energies as a part of life without judging them. Nothing is inherently good or bad. Everything arises as an effect of a previous cause and, thus, should neither disturb us, nor excite us.

If you enjoyed playing this game, please donate a few dollars for the victims of the Tsunami and earthquake on December 26, 2004.

Mordor was written by Rahul Kumar using Java 1.4.2, the timeless vim 6.2 editor and a MAC Powerbook running MAC OS X Panther, compiling with ant 1.6.1 and jikes 1.18, ctags 5.5.4