Memories of Mordor - The Game

You are entering Mordor, a land filled with horridish Orcs and other evilly creatures and characters, hungry for human blood. A land whose dark memories will haunt you for many lives to come.

The long journey from the Shire has exhausted you. The ring weighs you down.

You must find the way through, if you wish to succeed in saving Middle Earth. You must battle the creatures using whatever weapons you find around you.


Download and Installation
Playing Mordor
Mordor Screenshots (old)

Technical Details

Mordor is written in core Java and Swing requiring only an installation of Java 1.4.2. No other graphic libraries are required.

Mordor contains its own easy-to-use and -extend OOP Java game programming library. The library is also open-source (GPL) and free-to-use for non-commercial use. I shall very soon be separating the java package containing the library from the actual game.

Recent Bug Fixes:
0.6 has many improvement over 0.5 in terms of graphic effects, creature behavior etc. However, one graphic effect introduced a bug. Blood on the floor, and dead bodies block shooting. This has been rectified in version 0.6.1.
Source Versions:
0.5: contains source for fully functional Levels 1 and 2.
0.6: contains in progress source for Level 3, and the code for Levels 1 and 2.


Level 3: Feb 1, 2004
Level 4: Mar 1, 2004

Other open-source works by me:
Java NIO socket framework: a framework for easily writing highly scalable client and/or server applications
SQL Minus - a less sucky SQL client

Please donate to the victims of the Tsunami tragedy on Dec 26, 2004. I was writing this game during those days.


I have freely borrowed sounds and images from various sites on the net.
Many images are from a free project named Hephaestus.

To start with I also used a few class names and method names from the published javadoc of that (closed source) project. All code and the rest of the class names are original.
Mordor was written by Rahul Kumar using Java 1.4.2, the timeless vim 6.2 editor and a MAC Powerbook running MAC OS X Panther, ant 1.6.1, jikes 1.18, ctags 5.5.4

This game is inspired by very vague memories of a game called Fracas (by the now extinct fracsoft) that ran on Win 3.11. Also inspired by the best game I ever played, Prince of Persia Version 1. Logo